As many of you have suggested it, it's now back! When you chat in-game, it now gets broadcast across all servers

As of 4/12:
Servers that have global chat enabled:

Servers that have global chat disabled:
Events (UHC)

To turn off global chat, simply do /gtoggle and it will turn your chat to local chat. What this means is you can only chat on your local server. Example: (If you are on Survival, you can only chat/see messages that are sent on Survival). Your setting should persist between log outs, and server restarts.

To identify what server the message is incoming from, at the beginning of each message sent you will see a shortened server placeholder.

S: Survival
[SB]: Skyblock
[C]: Creative
[P]: Prison
[H]: Hub

Example: (Message from Hub)
I am excited to announce that the servers will launch tomorrow (March 1) sometime between 10-11 PM EST.
Update Update (2/22)
Today we have completed the building of the last block in our Prison Server. Unfortunately, this was about a week late then anticipated. In addition to this, the building of the new Hub is about 55% complete.

Due to unanticipated delays in the builds required for the launch of North-Craft, the new launch date is March 1.

We will launch the servers in whatever state they are in on March 1; please note though if you plan on playing on Survival or Skyblock they will be 100% completed. The only things that are possible to be incomplete is the Prison server and/or full completion of the Hub build.

A huge thanks goes to Kingonfarm, Mastef_Chief, SmartTV, DonutVendor, TomatoSoup26, UR3EKA and many others for their efforts in building either Prison blocks, or working on the new Hub. In total, we've had about 15 members of the community contribute in some way to the building of the (26) prison blocks.

Thanks for your continued support; some screenshots will be made available for those of you who want a sneak peak soon. :)

Hope you are excited for the 1st!
1. You can use to connect to the old Survival Map. (You can do /fly)
2. You can use to connect to the old Skyblock Map. (Every 30 mins you'll get $2,500 since voting rewards are down)
3. You may now request a build transfer to the new Survival map (click here)

Hey everyone, important announcement here. Below I have wrote about the new direction the server is taking. I was very honest and transparent with you all, so I hope that even if you disagree with my thoughts you respect that.

In short: Servers will be taking a different direction, North-Craft will be switching to more of a network based server. The servers have been taken down for 2-3 weeks and when it gets back up Survival, Skyblock will have new maps, Prison will be released, and we will have a new Hub.

Future of North-Craft and what lead us to this decision
Yesterday, Klaine and I decided that we want to take the server into a different direction. Over the past month, the server has had repeatedly declining player counts and donations have been the lowest they have been ever since I started the server 4.5 years ago. This significantly decreases both Klaine and I's motivation to maintain the server, and keep it up and...
Skyblock The End is here!
I am pleased to announce that Myself and Loyal have added the end to skyblock!

To reach the end, you will have to complete quests in our new quest book category which is only available after completing all other quests.

In the end, you will have the option to explore the naturally spawning end island, or build your own islands and structures off in the void.


~Loyal and Klaine